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Whether your community is facing budget constraints or evaluating the expansion of a new park system, our certified economic development professionals offer over 30 years of experience evaluating needs and creating an appropriate community and economic development plan of action.

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Case Study: Contributed by Emmaus Main Street Partners

When Emmaus Main Street Partners (EMSP) began researching ways to bring more business to town and to strengthen the vibrancy and stability of existing businesses, they weren’t quite sure how to proceed. Bringing Howard Lieberman, Business & Community Financing Solutions, into the mix proved to be a wise and educational move.

Howard discussed several programs that could assist us in reaching our goals and walked us through the steps necessary to put them into place. Although they are still in the formulation stage, these programs appear to be just what the Emmaus community needs.

Some of the programs Howard brought to us for discussion and review include the Local Economic Revitalization Tax Abatement Program (LERTA) and a Revolving Loan Fund Program (RLF), each with a different focus, but both with a similar appeal to businesses, developers and property owners.

Howard provided research, documents and supporting materials, as well as examples of how each of the programs work. He made presentations to the EMSP Board of Directors, the Community Relations & Development Committee of the Emmaus Borough Council, and to the members of the Emmaus Borough Council.

He successfully recruited several lending institutions for the RLF program, and organized a Summit bringing everyone together to review the program parameters, guidelines and application processes. He is working closely with the participants to ensure the program is well founded and capable of managing the requests that will be brought forth from potential borrowers.

Howard provided detailed knowledge of the LERTA program and worked closely with the EMSP and Emmaus Borough Manager and Zoning Officer to hone in on areas that will best benefit from this program. He has expressed willingness to proceed with assisting the Borough and the EMSP with the implementation of the LERTA program.

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