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Montoya Auto Repair

In 2018 Camilo Montoya received help in the form of a loan from the Allentown Economic Development Corporation (AEDC) through the “PMBDA” loan fund, a program specifically designed to help minority business owners secure financial assistance. Throughout the process, the couple enlisted Howard Leiberman of Business and Community Financing Solutions as their business/loan agent. Leiberman acted as the couple’s representative to help them navigate the finance process since English is not their first language. Leiberman also aided in gathering data for the loan application and permit documentation.

Read more at https://allentownedc.com/montoya-roadside-service-pmbda/







4/4 Architecture

4/4 Architects – Services Provided - Business organization, buy/sell agreement, purchase negotiations, business registration. BCFS was brought into the project by the buyer and seller of an operating business operation. The task was to develop a mutually beneficial purchase agreement to negotiate the purchase of a current business operation.





Atreat Bottling Company

Atreat Bottling Company Services Provided - Purchase negotiations, new product research, supplier research and evaluation, location analysis.

BCFS represented a local business owner in the negotiations to purchase the Atreat Bottling Company. While the purchase was not successful, the work required to make an educated and informed decision and then used to structure an offer was completed. The buyer relied on the expertise of the consultants at BCFS to keep him informed of the project process and to educate him involving the marketplace, the supply chain and the potential financing resources.





Austin’s Auto Service

Land acquisition coordination, financial modelling for project, SBA 504 financing, project management Austin’s Auto Service is purchasing a piece of land next to their establishment for the local municipality. The project required the negotiations with the municipality to secure the requested property, presenting the project to the municipal planning commission and governing bodies for approval, securing SBA 504 financing - Auston’s Auto is a repeat client.





B & J Family Restaurant, Inc

Financial management, business valuation, develop a sales package, exit strategy and planning.





Brad D

Vegan cocktail lounge - business analysis, locating and securing required license including PA liquor license or distillery license, securing new location, business plan development, financing.





Carl K – Bed and Breakfast

Purchase analysis, financial planning, business plan, financing including SBA 504, sales agreements and documentation, Buy/sell agreements.





Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit – Services Provided - Franchise evaluation, location analysis, lease negotiations, construction management, financing, Minority Financing, business registration and licensing, workout consulting.

BCFS worked with 6 different Dickey’s Barbecue owners in the Eastern Pennsylvania area. The work included evaluating the potential buyers’ financial conditions to support the purchase and operation if the franchise, arranging the required financing with three (3) of the locations using specialized minority business owner funding. Work also included location analysis, lease negotiations, construction management, business work out, business registrations and licensing.





Dip Stick Ice Cream

Dip Stick Ice Cream – Services Provided - Start Up planning, permitting, licensing, business registration, lease negotiations, coordination of design, construction and fit out, equipment and supplier research and negotiations, grand opening, community involvement, financing, partnership agreement.

Dip Stick Ice Cream was a new ice cream concept started in Northampton County, PA. The ice cream was purchased in plain frozen vanilla blanks that the purchaser could then have dipped in various toppings of their choice. Because this was a food product the consulting included work with the state department of agriculture and the local health departments. All of the required licenses and registrations were complete for the client along with the financing necessary to generate the funds needed to complete the project.





Ephrata Development Organization/ Main Spring Ephrata

Not For Propfit 501-c3 creation, Organizational consolidation, establish accounting system, Establish bylaws, Organizational design and Management, disillusionment of other 501-c-3 organizations Ephrata Borough brought BCFSOL into a project to consolidate the various economic development organization in the borough into one cohesive group while not alienating any of the individual organizations. The process which spanned three (3) year included securing the significant ongoing financial support from the municipality and all of the functions to get a new organization created and to facilitate the liquidation and transfer od assets from the individual organizations being merged. Process included the inclusion of the lending community to establish a participatory community loan fund.





K Reith Kustoms, LLC

Ecommerce business - Register new business, establish accounting system, address new sales tax regulation and compliance.





The Other Fish

The Other Fish Services Provided – financial work out, ongoing tax and bookkeeping services, operational evaluation, location analysis, expansion planning, financing, audit representation.

The restaurant is a small 20 seat sushi restaurant with the owner the sole sushi chef. The business was purchased from the previous owner in a transaction that was ill structured. After many years of reliance on a bookkeeping service that did not properly maintain the required records or filings, suppliers and taxing authorities began to pursue collections. This resulting in a significant financial burden to the owners. In order to determine the extent of the problem the work required a review and resubmission of tax returns going back 4 years and then addressing the financial hardship that resulted. BCFS has been retained to continue the work out negotiations as well as to evaluate the best ways to bring the business so financial stability. This is an ongoing consulting relationship.





Pie's on Pizzeria

Pies on Pizzeria – Service Provided – acquisition of PA Economic Development Liquor License, rea; estate acquisition Pies on Pizzeria, located in Catasauqua, PA expanded their operation to a significantly larger facility that included a full dining area. To support the operation the business considered purchasing a PA Liquor License. PA licensee in Lehigh County were selling for over $150,000 if one could be located. BCFS worked with client in securing one of the very limited economic development license. This work included the completion of all application materials, presentation to the local municipality for approval of the license, presentations and securing approvals from local protected groups and working through the physical requirements associated with the license.





Ruiz Consulting

Business start-up support, financial planning and estate planning in conjunction with attorney and financial planner, cash flow management, business operating line of credit and financing.





Sato Salon Organics

Services Provided – Purchase negotiations, lease negotiations, start Up, initial financing, establish accounting systems, employee benefits, Tax Negotiations, expansion planning, expansion financing Sato Salon is a high end vegan organic salon in the west end of Allentown. BCFSOL helped with the initial purchase of the salon including the negotiation of the purchase, arranging the purchase financing and help in setting then business up including tax registrations, name registration, lease negotiations. During the first five years of operation BCFS worked with the owners in establishing a product line and helping establish a distribution network. 5 years into the operation the salon found the opportunity to expand into a spa that includes manicure, pedicure, massage and facials. BCFS was involved in the lease negotiations for the new site, financing for the new venture and establishing the accounting systems that allow both companies to share in the accounting software.





Smart Living Lehigh Valley

Permitting Process, Tax Increment Financing, CDBG grants, market analysis, financing. Smart Living Lehigh Valley is a 52-unit affordable housing project in the City of Allentown. The project required development of incentives that would allow the properties to be purchased by low/moderate income families. The review of a variety of economic financing tool to determine which programs would be most appropriate for residential housing. Once the evaluation was completed BCFS worked at completing the application process including representing the developer in front of various municipal committees to secure approvals. The project also included the development of financing packages for potential home buyers.





STEM Academy

501-c-3 Not for Profit Status, business entity creation, lease negotiations, organizational management, foundation and grant funding STEM Academy is a project in process. The client has found a significant need for ongoing periodic educational opportunities for grade and middle school age children that expands the level of opportunity from the summer camp type programs presently available. The work included securing an advisory board that could provide the technical and marketing help needed to keep the project moving forward. BCFS’s responsibility beyond the organizational items is to keep the project on track through the opening of the facilities.





Strows Plumbing & Heating, Inc.

Working with the seller to value the current business, develop a sales plan with timeline, working with attorney and advisor to address financial planning issues related to a business sale, review of various ale options, structuring sale with prospective buyer, with attorney and advisor addressing appropriate investment of sales proceeds.






Government Grant Application, Professional Services contract development, Business Plan development, Not for Profit creation, Foundation and grant funding, ongoing business management support TeamGradaute (see graphic) TeamGraduate is a for profit educational firm io Namibia Africa. BCFSOL provided the expertise to draft the grant application to the USAID Organization to secure seed financing for the project. In addition, BCFS is involved in completing the business plan, developing the necessary professional contracts, creation of a not for profit entity.






Restaurant – startup management, business establishment and registration, accounting system set up, payroll processing, financial management.






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